MCAS Yuma welcomes new squadron

Marine Air Station Yuma is home to a new squadron. About 100 men and women have hit the ground to work alongside the MV-22 Osprey.

Capt. Jose Negrete, MCAS Yuma Public affairs officer said, “The MV-22 osprey is a huge improvement to the CH-46, its predecessor and we’re very happy to have it.”

The VMX 22 is the testing and evaluations squadron of the marine corps. Any new equipment or technology is tested by the new unit.

Col. Robert Rauenhorst, VMX 22 Squadron Commander said, “Having everything right here in Yuma, that’s where the Marine Corps is going to get the bang for their buck. It’ll increase efficiency and have every type model series hit Yuma benefits the Marine Corps but also the war fighters out there.”

This new aircraft can go twice as fast and uses half the amount of fuel, it’s capable of refueling in flight. It can take off like a helicopter and fly like a plane
Rauenhorst said, “It can rotate from pure 90 degrees up vertical process like this for take offs in the helicopter mode and once they get safely airborne it can transition into an airplane.”

Captain Jose Negrete talks about the benefits of the MV-22 some that he has personally witnessed.
Negrete said, “We had troops in mountainous areas, Afghanistan is very mountainous and we were able to take osprey units get in there get them out of harms way

Just recently out of Marine Corps Air Station New River in North Carolina, VMX 22 chose Yuma as its new stomping ground based on the weather and location of MCAS Yuma.

Rauenhorst said, “The training ranges are valuable to our mission, but the other units on board and the weather may be a little hot the weather is a better for doing our operational testing evaluation missions.”

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