Measles outbreak expected to affect thousands more in Arizona

YUMA, Ariz. – Cases of the measles outbreak in Arizona are expected to affect thousands of people.

Deborah Aters, Administrative Director of Quality with Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) said, “Measles is a respiratory infection. The first symptoms they will present with will be a high fever. It can then come with a runny nose, cough and they will develop a rash.”

We’re told developing a rash is usually three to four days after exposure.

Aters said, “You could have anywhere from 7-10 days because you won’t breakout for a rash for four days but a rash can be 7-10.”

As Arizona Public Health Officials work to stop the spread of a measles outbreak.

Valerie Payne, Infection Prevention with YRMC said, “The most important thing to do is to have your children vaccinated and to receive the MMR vaccine at 12 months and I believe a booster is given at age five or six. And so when the community as a whole gets vaccinated it results in a herd vaccine are less susceptible because everyone around them will be protected.”

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