Memorial statue with mother’s sons ashes stolen

YUMA, Ariz. – Brenda Lack lost her two sons Jason and Kelly to cancer within the same year. She made a very special statue to memorialize them together, which holds both of their ashes as well as other priceless family heirlooms inside. On Sunday that statue was stolen from her home’s front porch. Lack has just moved to Yuma on the 17th. She is heartbroken that the statue was taken and hopes who ever took it will bring it back. The anniversary of her son Jason’s death is coming up on September 28th. Lack says there will be no questions asked if the person responsible would return it to her.

She says she feels the thief doesn’t realize that the statue has her sons ashes in it and hopes they will have a change of heart. If you have the memorial please return it to her home located at 1240 West 20th place in the Brookhurst apartments, or you can email her at

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