Migrant housing complex proposal delayed

YUMA, Ariz. – A developer is proposing to construct a housing complex for migrant workers in Yuma at the northwest corner of Avenue A and 11th Street. The proposed development would contain 54 units at about 1,300 square feet apiece to house 12 migrant workers in each unit according to a staff report by the Yuma Planning and Zoning Commission. To complete the plan the developer must first have 2 public hearings with the Yuma Planning and Zoning commission the first hearing was to be on Monday October 12th. The developers did not appear in person and instead just sent a representative for that reason it has been postponed for 3 months.

Many residents are opposed to the idea but several we spoke to were very supportive of it, Yuma resident Teresa Franco says, “They come here to work and live a better life”. And some residents say it will make Yuma a better place if it attracts more migrant workers to the area. One woman says, “The economy is going to be better, in the day they are working long hours”.

The developer is required to have 2 public hearings with the Planning and Zoning Commission with the first hearing delayed the second is not expected until January.

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