Migrant workers looking for work as lettuce season ends

Migrant workers looking for work as lettuce season ends

YUMA, Ariz.-

The agriculture industry in Yuma brings over $3 billion back into our local economy and supplies 90% of lettuce to much of the country in the winter months, but as the season ends many migrant workers like Leticia Garcia are looking for their next job.

“I will be done next week, around Thursday or Friday,” said Garcia.

Garcia from Mexico says she relies on the Ag industry to feed her family.

“I’m gonna have to look for a job when I’m done here. Some days I will just be home and after that I will begin working for the date companies,” said Garcia.

“The folks in the date industry are very busy year around tending to their trees. I think they need more folks, if I understand correctly,” Farmer John Boelts said.

Until then many migrant workers we talked to said they would collect un-employment until they could get their next job.

“I will be receiving like 3 unemployment checks and after that I will have to look for a job, but I guess until mid April,” Garcia said.

Boelts says around this time is when the lettuce season starts to taper off.

“We know were under drought conditions. Folks here are very efficient water users. We try to do our absolute level best and I think Yuma is a picture of the good things that can happen when folks try to be efficient with uses of water,” said Boelts.

“It was a good season, last year was much slower, this year I can say was very productive,” migrant farm worker Maria Corona Teredo said.

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