Missing San Antonio man police believe to be in El Centro

YUMA, Ariz,- A San Antonio man missing for several months could be in our area.

The San Antonio Police Department along with Heidi Search Center have reasons to believe Jordan Green could be in El Centro or Phoenix. They’re not sure if Green could be in any danger or is in a safe place.

Dotty Lester, Executive Director, Heidi Search Center said, “We found another man who went missing from the same area where Jordan went missing from in El Centro and there seems to be similarities in the cases.”

Lester says the previous man that went missing was located and reported that he had stopped in Phoenix on his way to El Centro. That man is back in San Antonio and doing well.

Lester says, San Antonio Police have been doing everything they can to locate Green.

Lestor said, “Well they’re working with us. They’re kind’ve in the same boat that we are. We’ve looked at the evidence and the documents and we see some similarities but we can’t find him.”

The El Centro Police Department says something like this is common and happens in many areas. However, they too aren’t sure what happened to Green.

Aaron Messick with ECPD said, “Typically, if we have someone going missing from another state of county or city, we’ll reach out to that law enforcement agency and we’ll let them know the circumstances. Like, hey, this person went missing and we believe their in your area and here are the reasons why.”

If you think you’ve seen Green or know about his whereabouts you’re urged to contact your local law enforcement agencies.

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