Moments of silence at Ground Zero

Moments of silence at Ground Zero

NEW YORK (AP) – Moments of silence have again been observed today at the World Trade Center, commemorating the times that two hijacked planes hit the towers 14 years ago, and the times that each tower collapsed.

Earlier, as the day’s solemn observances began, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama bowed their heads during a ceremony with staff Friday on the White House lawn.

The crowd stood silently, gazing toward the Washington Monument and the Pentagon. The silence was punctured only by the sound of planes taking off and landing at a nearby airport.

After a bugler played “Taps,” the Obamas clasped hands and walked back into the White House.

American Airlines Flight 77 was flying from Washington to Los Angeles with 64 people aboard when it was hijacked and flown into the Pentagon 14 years ago Friday.

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