More resources for Calexico shelter

CALEXICO, Calif. – Thanks to the big hearts of two women the shelter continues to stay open in Calexico  and now they’ll be bringing in more services for the homeless.

“On Thursday, we’re planning an information fair.  We’re going to have the Consulate of Mexico there.  We’re gonna have Social Services, Neighborhood House, the Housing Authority,” Maribel Padilla said.

Padilla says it’s just another avenue to help the homeless especially during this unpredictable weather.

“The community is very involved.  When people say it’s getting warmer, it’s going to be 70 degrees, 80 degrees.  Yes, that’s during the day, but then you have 40 degrees at night.  You’ve got today which is cloudy.  It’s going to rain,” Maribel Padilla said.

She’s hoping these resources will help them get off the streets and back on their feet and mostly to have shelter.

“I’m hoping that the homeless know that there are actually services out there for them because they’re out on the streets.  They don’t know they can access this.  We’re going to be filling out applications for housing, for low income housing.  They’ll be put on a list.  Most of these people would never know where to go,” Maribel Padilla said.


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