More than half of Arizona students fail at AZMERIT testing

More than half of Arizona students fail at AZMERIT testing


The Arizona Educational System always looks for different ways to help better the students education and increase graduation rates every year.

The Arizona department of education says hundreds of students did poorly on new state standards test called AZMERIT.

However Yuma Union High School District’s Superintendent says this is just a practice run and these scores don’t affect them, but it’s a way to try a new method of testing.

YUHSD Superintendent Toni Badone said, “In case of this test, testing new standards with new types of test in other words, a lot of these students in the state took the test online as opposed to paper test. So not only was the test and the standards new to teachers and to students but also the way the test was given.”

AZ Senate, Don Shooter with District 17 says, “In order to compete in a global marketplace which is what our labor is doing anymore…You’re not just competing with other states and other talents for business your competing with other countries. So in my opinion we have to have high standards to be able to have our kids compete with other kids in other nations.”

Students have failed below the AZMERIT’S test, which is a whole new test compared to the aims. However, Badone says they look at other statistics to see how well their students are performing.

Badone said, “70 percent of our students enroll in college the year following graduation. So we feel as though they’re confident and are accepted into higher education institutions.”

Shooter believes any problem is best solved by the people closest to the problem. In this case the parents, students and teachers.

Shooter adds, “I’d love to just see local school boards and you know parents and teachers are the ones that ultimately make the decisions on what happens to their children and our economy. And the way to do that is to elect your local school board members that will reflect the communities.”

The state school board will meet this Friday to discuss the results and possibly propose new proficiency levels that may work better with Arizona students.


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