More voters asking for early ballots

YUMA, Ariz.-

Early ballots were sent out to thousands of Yuma County voters for the upcoming Primary in August. County Recorder Robyn Stallworth Pouquette says they are seeing an increase in ballots being sent out.

Nearly half of active registered voters are receiving early ballots says Stallworth, “Our number right now on the permanent early voting list is 38,000.” The County hopes half of those ballots are returned, “We’re hoping we receive 17 to 20,000 of those ballots back.”

In 2014, Stallworth says out of 31,000 early ballots, less than half were returned. “During the last primary, we only received, I believe it was under 15,000 back from voters. We are hoping that number is higher this time,” says Stallworth.

Officials say more ballots will be sent out and if you would like to receive and early ballot you still have time to do so. Stallworth says, “We’re sending out more out for this primary election and we expect we’ll send out more than the 33,000 in the next few days because voters do have until August 19th to request an early ballot by mail.” Ballots can be mailed to voters who request them as soon as the next day.

They encourage those who received mail in ballots to turn them in as soon as possible. They say early ballots are the first to be counted and if turned in late, it could push back final results.Stallworth says. “Now if they have dropped off an early ballot at a vote center on election day or the day before, that early ballot perhaps might not be processed yet by the time results are coming out. So, we want to make sure the voters vote is part of the election nights results so it doesn’t delay final results.”

If you would like to vote earlier than on Primary day, you can do so at the Yuma County recorder’s office.

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