Mother of man accused of holding family hostage speaks out

YUMA, Ariz. – The mother of a Yuma man facing kidnapping charges says her son is innocent.

Annette Bedoya says 30-year-old Cody Bedoya did not hold  her sons and granddaughter hostage in their apartment. She did admit her son was not complying with the Yuma Police Department. Annette said, “He said you guys can leave anytime you want, but Jordan felt like he needed to stay. He asked do you want to leave and he said, ‘no, I will stay here with you’.”

Annette Bedoya adds Cody did have concern for his only daughter. Annette said,  “He pushed Nessie outside. He didn’t want his daughter around that, and she couldn’t see me and I was way over there and I tried to call for her and with the lights and everything she couldn’t see me she got scared and came back in.”

YPD officials said they take certain measures when they are told a life is in danger.  The police also say they requested for Cody and his siblings to come out of the house.

Annette says going back to that night, the reason the siblings stayed in the house was because they feared their brother would take his life.

“The officers did their job. I think there was a lot of people being noisy. Too many people were here. They did not control the people that were here. There was hundreds of people here,” Annette Bedoya said.

Lori Frankling with YPD responded by saying, “We can keep people out of our crime scene, but if someone wants to come up to the edge of the crime scene if they bring out their cell phones and start recording.That’s freedom of speech that everyone wants.”

Annette Bedoya wants to encourage others to pray for her family and parents to be active in their children’s lives to avoid drug-use.

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