National Commander of American Legion in Yuma

“We are very privileged to have him here tonight.” Richard Perez, Manager of American Legion Post 19 said.

Elected by 2.4 million american legion members, the National Commander of American legion is in Yuma.
Perez said, “He’ll talk to us about issues that hes encountered since hes become commander and what hes doing to fix the VA issues mainly

Most of the time a commander will chose to go to a larger city for more coverage, but Wednesday Michael Helm chose Yuma community.

National Commander of American Legion Michael Helm said, “We are visiting the American Legion post and seeing what they’re doing for the community that they’re in and for the veterans in the community they’re in.”

Perez said, “He chose to come to Yuma because hes heard of things that we’ve done and felt he needed to come here to meet the members.”

Having served in the Army, Perez says Helm is very veteran oriented.

Helm said, “We have some concerns; we still are not happy about the timely healthcare of our veterans we think that could be done better

Helm has big shoes to fill. The former National Commander of the American Legion is the one who started the VA investigation.

Perez said, “There are some members that don’t understand his agenda and hopefully after tonight it’ll be a little clearer.”

Helm said,  “The Veteran’s organization. We need to be there for him or her and their children to make sure they get the care they need.”

Perez said, “A lot of the VA heads who were in charge of the hospital who needed to be fired were fired and now the process now is to clean up and provide veterans with faster service and better care. He’s going to provide us with some very valuable info some guidance as to what our leadership role in Yuma should be.”

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