Neighbor saves dog in Foothills house fire

YUMA, Ariz- A fire destroyed a home in the Foothills Thursday night thankfully the homeowners were not inside during the blaze.

Around 7:30 p.m. the Rural Metro Fire Department received a call of a house on fire off of Avenue 9 E off Frontage Road.

Drivers say they could see the flames from Interstate 8 guessing the fire reached up to 20-feet high. Some would call one nearby neighbor a hero after saving the homeowner’s dog during the blaze.

Rural Metro Fire Department, Charly McMurdie said, “There was a dog at home at the time of the fire and the neighbor did get the dog out of the yard and the dog looked pretty happy to be with us.”

Once fire crews arrived at the scene they began a defensive attack on the residence. Nobody was injured and the home owner wasn’t home at the time.

McMurdie said, “We spoke to them that evening to confirm whether or not they needed red cross at the scene and they went ahead and denied Red Cross at that moment.”

McMurdie says the house is severely damaged after the blaze.

McMurdie adds, “The damage was pretty extensive, I know a good portion of the west side of the house was damaged I can only imagine what the east side of the house looked like.”

YCSO along with the Yuma Fire Department both assisted at the scene. The fire is still under investigation.

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