Neil Green found guilty of first degree murder

EL CENTRO, Calif. – A jury found Neil Green, 32, guilty of first degree murder on Tuesday, in the death of his father Melvin Green back in 2012.

Aprel Ramkus, Melvin Green’s daughter, said she’s waited a long time for this day.

“I feel relieved and also to know that my dad finally has justice, means so much to me. We’ve been waiting four years for this verdict,” Ramkus said.

She remembered being afraid of her brother on the last father’s day she saw her dad alive.

“The way my brother was behaving, I just saw how violent he was behaving and aggressive,” Ramkus said.

She feared for her dad.

“I was scared for him. I said, you need to move out,” Ramkus said.

Authorities said 19 days later Neil Green killed his own father by beating him with a baseball bat.

Ramkus said on that day Neil Green stopped being her brother.

“The moment that he killed my dad was the moment that disassociation, that bridge, was burnt completely,” Ramkus said.

She said during the trial Neil Green painted a negative picture of their father.

“So he wouldn’t have to be accountable for his behavior in murdering my dad,” Ramkus said.

She said unemployed, 29-year-old Neil Green who still lived at home took advantage of their father.

“He just used my dad’s financial resources; he had a roof over his head. He took everything for granted, you know. It’s like he had no grateful bone in his body,” Ramkus said.

She told us she feared her brother.

“Twenty-five years to life and I’m hoping no probation so that I don’t have to be worried about him ever getting out and hurting myself or my son or anyone else for that matter,” Ramkus said.

But for now, she just wants people to remember her dad as she remembers him.

“He was always a peaceful man, loving, kind,” Ramkus said.

We contacted defense attorney Jill Cremeans by phone and left messages but we have not heard back from her for comment on the verdict.

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