New California law raises smoking age limits

CALIFORNIA-A new California law that takes another bold step to limit smoking goes into effect Thursday, raising the age limit to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21.

California has become the second state in the country to have a smoking age of 21.

The Institute of Medicine found that if all states required a minimum age of 21 to purchase tobacco it would lead to a 12% drop in smokers.

A non-smoker said, “I believe they should’ve done it many years ago.”

We spoke to a health professional about the risk of smoking as a teen.

Clinicas De Salud Del Pueblo Director’s of Programs Leticia Ibarra said, “The biggest risk is that they become habitual users, they become addicted to smoking, so the consequences are much more serious after a few years of smoking. They start getting oral health issues.”

Governor Jerry Brown signed the controversial bill last month, but it’s only just now taking effect. The law also groups e-cigarettes into the tobacco category.

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