New child care center open and accepting students

CALEXICO, Calif. – The Imperial County Office of Education (ICOE) has partnered with the city of Calexico Housing Authority in opening a new day care center in Calexico.

Officials say this project has been a long process in the making, but they are excited the center is now open.

Terri Nava, Executive Director, (HACC) explains, “This is a very big blessing for our children, preschools are very hard to come by in Calexico, and because we will have 18 slots in the morning and 18 slots available in the afternoon, we will be able to provide 36 children between the ages of 3-5 services to begin learning the ABCs and how to write their name.”

There are 20 early care and education centers that currently serve the Imperial County.These types of care centers provide a county-wide enrollment of 654 children.

Parents interested in early child care development should know there are still slots available at the new care center. The ICOE says they plan on opening other care centers just like this one throughout the valley.

“As children are intervened at a younger age, their vocabulary, their social-emotional get developed. And by the time the make it to kindergarten or transitional kindergarten they are better developed,” explained Richard Cordero, Senior Director (ICOE).

These care centers not only provide a care service, they provide at least four jobs at each site and give parents the opportunity to seek employment if needed.

“There is two things we try to promote with our families, it’s education and then hopefully if they feel they are ready to be employed to give them the opportunity to go seek that employment,” added Cordero.

To run a care center cost a little over $200,000 a year depending on the size and amount of students serving.

“People, mothers can work while someone takes care of the kids, this is a perfect combination,” said Arturo Rioseco, Board Chairman of Calexico Housing Authority.

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