New fire restrictions along Colorado River

YUMA, Ariz. – High temperatures and wildfires in Arizona and California have forced the Bureau of Land Management  to enforce fire and smoking restrictions along the Colorado River.

“These restrictions are in place to help promote health and safety to the public and communities in the areas where we like to recreate,” says Dolores Garcia with Bureau of Land Management.

Under the restrictions river-goers cannot have campfires and charcoal or wood stoves. The grills in designated areas by river are permitted and so are propane grills.

Any type of camping device that has a shut off valve and is run by propane is still aloud,” says Garcia.

Smoking is also not permitted near the river but only in buildings, cars or designated areas.

Garcia says, “We have restrictive smoking to a clear area or inside a building or vehicle so just be very cognizant where you are smoking.”

BLM says there are no plans to close the areas around the river to the public so locals and visitors can still cool off this summer in the river.

“There is no closures, no restrictions to where you can go and enjoy along the Colorado River,” says Garcia.

Failure to follow the restrictions could result in a $1,000 fine and imprisonment of up to a year.

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