New homes boost local economy

IMPERIAL, Cali.- With hundreds of new homes being built in Imperial residents are curious to know what the future holds for the city. City officials say the construction of these homes is a big boost for local economy.  City manager of Imperial, Marlene Best says the larger the city grows the more businesses it will attract.
“The new housing is definitely a benefit to the community, it raises the number of jobs from construction, from sub-contractors who are working it brings other people from outside of the area to see all the benefits that what we have in this city.” said Best.

City officials say they hope these new homes bring not only a local economy boost
but also continue to offer a good environment for the community.

“This city is really strong on trying to get good high quality well paying jobs that provide an opportunity for people to really build their families and live and work and play in this area on a positive basis.”

Gregory Siota CEO of Imperial Chamber of Commerce says there are a few projects in the works for Imperial.

“We have Worthington Square going on here in the heart of Downtown Imperial, which is a forty-eight unit apartment complex with retail space.” said Siota

The most recent CENSUS shows that the population of Imperial has grown over fifteen-percent in the past years. According to the California Department of Finance, Imperial is in the top ten cities for annual growth in the state of California.  Siota says these new projects will be a perfect modern addition to the growing town.

“we’re just extremely proud to be part of this city and the growth factor that is happening here, the residential facilities they’re opening up.”
According to city officials the contractors and people responsible for building these new homes and city projects hire mostly locals which means the money the workers earn stays in the Imperial Valley.

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