New JTED adopts over $3 million budget

YUMA, Ariz. – The Southwest Technical Education District of Yuma, called STEDY, adopted an almost $3.3 million budget for the 2015-2016 school year at their board meeting on Monday. This is the districts first budget ever. STEDY is Arizona’s 14th and newest Joint Technical Education District, that was approved by voters in November. Kevin Imes is the superintendent of STEDY and says the goal of the district is to provide students with a hands on education to ready them for careers. It is a public district funded by the state and tax payers.

The program is offered to students in the Yuma Union High School District as well as the Antelope Union High School District. Imes says it greatly enhances a students education to prepare them for the workforce. He says it should help Yuma’s economy, they listen to the demands of local businesses with what they are expecting from workers. He says they base the courses off industry standards and the economic standards of the community.

STEDY does not have its own facility to hold courses at this time. Imes says in the future they plan to have a building of their own but at the moment classes will be held at a satellite campus or at schools across the local school districts.

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