New laws for AZ take effect

New laws for AZ take effect

YUMA, Ariz.-

A new Arizona law starting Friday will allow you to pay off a ticket by doing some community service.

Senate bill 1117 that takes effect on Friday could help anyone having trouble paying a fine or court fee by allowing them to work it off.
The new law would allow anyone unable or unwilling to pay fines, court costs and fees and other restitution by working it off through community service.

Each hour of community service would be $10 toward the amount owed. We talked to several Yuma residents about the law. One resident told us he was happy about the new law.

“Giving people an opportunity to essentially do things in the community to work off a fine… I think that giving people especially those who can’t afford it a chance to work that off in the community. I think that’s definitely a positive for everybody,” Yuma resident Eric Patten said.

Several other residents we talked to said they agreed with the new law and that they would do the community service hours themselves if they couldn’t financially afford to pay.

Other laws that also take effect on Friday is Senate Bill 1370. Senate Bill 1370 would allow medical providers will be allowed access to a database for controlled substances. The database would help medical providers prevent drug abuse with patients.

Senate Bill 1035 would allow the Superior Court to give treatment to domestic violence offenders. Senate Bill 1035 also takes effect Friday.

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