New ordinance passed that may prohibit jay walkers from taking another step

The Yuma city council passed a law Wednesday prohibiting pedestrians from stopping or lingering in the road.
Mayor Doug Nicholls said, “You can’t legislate people to be safe, but you can encourage them.”
Nicholls said, “Pedestrians have the right of way, that doesn’t change. What it does reinforce is the lingering in the road or being disruptive to traffic, that’s not safe.”
In 2014, 29 injuries were a result of jay walking.
Mayor Nicholls says the pedestrians have the right of way, but the safety isn’t there.
“In order to get the attention of an officer you’d have to linger quite a long time in the right of way and you’ve deliberately not proceeded at a regular pace; that would garnish some attention.”

This means if caught it could cost you a class three misdemeanor, up to $500 in fines and one day in jail.

Nicholls said, “This isn’t just for the safety of yourself but for other people as well, because someone could swerve to miss a pedestrian and then cause an accident.”

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