New poll: majority of Americans support legal status for undocumented workers in the U.S.

A new poll in the Pew Research Center survey finds that 73 percent of Americans say immigrants living in the US without documentation should be allowed to stay and have legal status.

Local immigration lawyer Bianca Santorini said, “I’m not surprised that’s the opinion of the majority. The important factor is that they say people, who are already living here, it brings them out of the shadows and make them accountable for obtaining drivers licenses.”

The poll says 56 percent of Republicans agree that immigrants living here illegally should be able to stay, so long as they meet certain criteria.

Santorini said, “I do think because of the unique demographics of Yuma, we have very polar opinions about this issue. We have people who have very close ties immediately across the border and a lot of people who are even foreign nationals themselves.”
Yuma resident Herbert McDonald said, “I think they ought to go through the same procedure as anyone else.”

Still, 63 percent of Republicans say they believe immigrants in the country illegally are a burden.

McDonald said, “I don’t think if they’re here illegally, they should be given any special privileges.”

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