New restaurants to open in Gomez Plaza

YUMA, Ariz.-

Within the next few months, Yuma will see some businesses open up just in time for the winter visitors return. Two new restaurants will open their doors to the public with a third possibly starting construction soon. 

At Gomez Plaza on 16th Street across from Yuma Palms mall, Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, as well as Native Grill and Bar, are set to open. The executive director for Arizona@Work John Morales says this will boost the Yuma Economy. “Any type of growth right now in our community, I think is good,” says Morales. “Now, we can argue about the quality of the jobs and all those kinds of things but if you look at it from an investment standpoint, a larger picture you can’t argue. People are opening businesses rather than closing businesses.”

Construction is currently underway at the site for Freddy’s and local supplies are being used. Meaning more jobs are being created before the restaurants open up their doors. Morales says, “You got a developer out there that’s building so there are construction jobs.” 84 Lumber, a local lumberyard, is supplying Freddy’s with material for construction. “People have to get supplies, lumber, cement. Those kinds of things,” says Morales.

Morales says these businesses will help springboard Yuma into getting larger companies to set up business locally, “We haven’t grown to a point to where we have attracted large investments and that’s going to take a little time.”
With Summer coming to a close, Yuma’s agriculture business will increase and winter visitors will return to the area which will also lead to a boost in the Yuma economy.” Morales says August is the time of the year where the economy starts to increase. “They put a lot extra money into what’s going on and I think the smaller businesses are going to really enjoy that because they have had to struggle with the long hot summer where business kind of slows down a little bit. This is a really good time of the year,” says Morales.


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