New Walmart opens despite initial community opposition

New Walmart opens despite initial community opposition

A grand opening ceremony kicked off the first day of business for the new Walmart Neighborhood Market. It’s the latest addition to the corner of 8th Street and Avenue B in Yuma.

Despite the construction and now opening of the neighborhood market, the community hasn’t always been supportive of this new branch. When the market was first proposed, some residents were opposed, worried about the success of local small businesses.

Mayor Doug Nicholls says, ” I think at the time people wanted to exercise their rights as Americans, as residents of Yuma, and they wanted to take this to the voters…and they did and the processed worked. It worked either way.”

Initially, over 1,500 signed a petition against the zoning for the Walmart, following with a special election in 2014.

“The vote of the people stood and so we here we are today,” says Mayor Doug Nicholls, “I think it’s a great example of how things are supposed to work”

This Walmart is the fifth addition to the Walmart family in Yuma county and first neighborhood market in town.


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