New Yuma shelter helps drug addicts through prayer

YUMA, Ariz. – Twenty years ago senior pastor David Ascencio was a heroin addict. Now he’s helping other drug addicts through prayer…by giving back to an organization that helped him in his time of need. “Now they actually chased me around for ten years and thank God when I really got tired of that lifestyle, and I really wanted to change, I knew there was a place that maybe something can happen. And it did,” said Ascencio.
Church-based non-profit Victory Outreach gives those seeking help a place to hang their hat. For one year addicts can call this space home. Currently the location off Maple and 11th St. houses five men aiming to change their ways and ditch their life-threatening habits.
Ascencio now watches over newcomers who he can guide through what he personally knows is a challenging recovery. Sonny Reece came to Victory Outreach three years ago…and stands a sober man today. “Really I didn’t know where I was going in life and a guy came to me and reached out to me with a flyer for Victory Outreach, saying that they could change your life. You know you give God an opportunity to come into your life anything is possible so  ever since I’ve been in Victory Outreach it’s been a blessing,” said Reece.
Five more spaces are available in the Yuma home. Victory Outreach will also open a church in Yuma where addicts’ families can join in on the journey to recovery. “You may feel down, you may feel out, but you don’t have to live that life anymore. There is a plan there is a purpose there are great things for you. If you think that a miracle can’t happen. It can happen. Because I am a proven miracle, standing right here,” said Reece.

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