Nine incidents in the I-10 corridor in 10 days

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is investigating nine incidents over the last ten days, where projectiles have struck vehicles on the I-10 corridor, between 59th avenue and 16th street.

DPS Director Col. Frank  Milstead says there is a real threat to Arizona motorists.

People in Arizona are driving on the freeway when all of a sudden their lives are in danger. DPS officials say these incidents are acts of domestic terrorism.

DPS Trooper Tim Case said, “Staying vigilant to anything that doesn’t look right.” Police are urging people to report suspicious activity.

Noise near cars, shattered glass or people perched on a bridge have been reported to Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center. Tuesday morning two cars were hit within a minute of each other, one car was hit heading westbound and the other heading eastbound. And, Wednesday morning around 11 a.m., a car’s window was shattered off the I-10 near 35th avenue.

DPS has not confirmed that this is related to the string of incidents. If confirmed, this is the 10th reported incident along the valley freeway.



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