Nonprofits are eligible for grants in Yuma County

Nonprofits are eligible for grants in Yuma County

CEO of Rafha House Laura Griffin, “To be the first emergency crisis center is amazing, we are setting some foundation, because the need is there.”

At only 30-days-old, Rahfa house is one of the newest non-profits in Yuma county. To run any organization, you need money.

The opportunity to get that much-needed funding is here, non-profits interested in applying for funding are invited to learn more.

Vice President of Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Barbara Brown said, “We target the whole amount that they have available to Yuma for organizations that focus on children, education and women’s health and see what they apply for.”

Griffin said, “Oh that would really really help us, we do get a lot of support from volunteers and interns but we want to hire.”

Currently it costs the Rahfa house 3,500 dollars to run its facilities.

Griffin said, “Seventy-five percent of what you see here today was given by sponsors. We really need support funding-wise.”

The community foundation for Southern Arizona granted more than 12 million dollars to regional non-profits last year.

That money would allow Rafha house to support the needs of young teens in Yuma county with counseling, housing and other services. Griffin said, “I would be excited because what that would allow us to do is support young ladies in every county of Yuma county.”

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