North End coffee shop gives back to the community

YUMA, Ariz. – Julia Capozzi is the owner of North End Coffee Shop on first avenue in downtown and she’s doing something different. Capozzi wanted to offer a way to provide a service and give dignity to those in need. The shop offers a service called, “Carta Pasto” which translates in English to meal card or paper meal. Capozzi feels this will help fight hunger in Yuma. 

Capozzi says, “If you are down and out on your luck and you just need a place to cool down to come in to the North End Coffee Shop. All you would need to do is ask for the, carta pasto and the baristas will take care of the rest.”

She also adds that hunger is a big issue to her personally. She loves to serve food to people and this is why she opened up a café. She adds that she wants to help by offering free lunch to anyone that is down on their luck.

To obtain this service anyone can go up to the barista and just ask for a Carta Pasto. In the  filled bag they will receive  a turkey sandwich, apple and chips. They will also receive a cold water or small coffee of their choice. The shop welcomes anyone that wants to donate money or food items.


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