Not many Yumans tune into first Democratic Primary debate

YUMA, Ariz. –  Democratic 2016 Presidential candidates garnered the most viewers for a Democratic primary debate aired on CNN Tuesday night at 15.3 million. Arizona House Representative Charlene Fernandez (D) watched from Phoenix with admiration for the comradery on stage.

“You could almost see that they admired each other  and I hope that I’m not wrong in that just the way they talked about each other the way they acted very respectful it made me proud to be a democrat and I think the American People won,” said Fernandez.
But looking for further reaction from locals in the Yuma area was tough. Out of more than three-dozen people approached on the streets, not one said they watched.  Some saying they weren’t interested.
“I’m a registered Republican and I just feel like there’s a lot of fluff out there. Some of the points that they’re making I just don’t think there’s a lot of substance with it,” said Chris Hamel.
Others were just too busy.
“I didn’t I was busy working all evening and didn’t get a chance to see what had happened until really late at night, and I say excerpts but I really didn’t get to see the whole thing,” said Bob Kuckler.
Overall if people wanted to catch up with  the latest on what happened passerby said they turned to the internet for snippets of the discussion. The next Democratic debate is set for November 14 in Des Moines, Iowa.


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