October: Liver Cancer Awareness Month

While people tend to think pink during October, it’s important that they also see green – the color of liver cancer awareness.

Liver cancer may not be as talked about as the many other cancers in the world, but it is one of the deadliest cancers — claiming the lives of more than 65 Americans each day, amounting to nearly 25,000 Americans every year.

Despite progress in cancer research and the development of new treatments, the number of those affected has been slowly but steadily rising for several decades.

Liver Cancer symptoms typically do not appear early on, diagnosis is often not made until patients are in late-stage – which is more difficult to treat.

Many thing including the hepatitis B and C virus, morbid obesity and diabetes, and alcoholic cirrhosis – have all been directly linked to liver cancer.

As these conditions reach near epidemic proportions, the incidence of liver cancer may creep up. Currently, about 700,000 people worldwide are diagnosed with liver cancer every year.

Experts believe it’s important to realize the need for education and awareness about about liver cancer risk factors. Also, that people maintain regular meetings and screenings with their physicians in order to detect the any cancer in it’s early stage.

Experts say a patient’s chance of survival nearly doubles if the disease is caught early.


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