Officials warn against leaving children in car

YUMA, Ariz.-  As the Desert Southwest starts to heat up officials are warning locals of the dangers in leaving your children in a hot car. So far this year nationwide five children have died from heatstroke after being left alone in a car according to NoHeatstroke.Org. This year there have been no reported deaths in Arizona, while last year two children died.

“Accidentally leaving children in the car in this heat can absolutely kill them. Try to figure out some sort of way to remind yourself that the child is in there. For women it’s kind of easier if you have a purse make sure you put the purse next to the car seat. That way you have to get into the back seat of the car to get the child out,” Yuma Police Department Sgt. Lori Franklin said.

One parent we talked to said not leaving her child in the car was common sense.

“Whenever I go to the market to anywhere I just check his car seat after I leave the car. It’s common sense. I never leave him at the car. It never happens,” said Mais Quassisieh.

Regardless of the season Franklin says it’s never OK to leave your child alone in a car.

“Strangers could come up the car could catch on fire accidentally. Anything can happen never leave the children in a car unattended,” said Franklin.

Besides children, pets should also never be left alone in a car. According to NoHeatStroke.Org, temperatures of 80* can quickly heat up a car to 120* making your car turn into an oven. If you see a child left alone in a vehicle call 9-11 immediately.

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