Open positions looking to be filled

Open positions looking to be filled

YUMA, Ariz.- High unemployment rates are still on the horizon in the desert southwest.

Many of the factors, of the high unemployment include only having seasonal work possibilities, for residents.  According, to the city of Yuma there are some open positions for both full/part time work.

The City of Yuma says, there are plenty of government jobs that are open and the highest positions that need to be filled is with the Police Department. Ron Corbin, of the City of Yuma says, ” Law enforcement can lead to a long career once you get in, but the whole state is hiring law enforcement officers so it is hard to get in,”.

To learn more on the open positions, Please visit their website. 

There are also resources in Yuma that offer help with job training and placement. Moises Pimentel, says the Martin Luther King Career Center is here to help,  “As soon as you come in here we will offering you a work training programs soon as you come in we will put you to work in area to get some work experience, so that would there for give you work”.

Martin Luther King Center

Address: 300 S 13th Ave, Yuma, AZ 85364


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