Operation Wildfire hits home

EL CENTRO, Calif.- More than two dozen people were arrested in the Imperial Valley following Operation Wildfire. The operation targeted nationwide criminal gangs and other crooks tied to criminal activities. The six week enforcement operation led to more than one-thousand gang member arrests, from almost 240 different gangs across the country. That included more than two dozen arrests in the Imperial Valley. Lauren Mack, U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement Public Affairs officer says, Homeland Security Investigations received support from State and local law enforcement.

“We were able to share intelligence, between the state and federal investigations that had been going on” said Mack.

Twenty-eight arrests were made in  the Imperial County, including ten gang members.  In the cities of Brawley, Calexico, Imperial and El Centro.  The gang members came from five different local street gangs. The criminal histories of those arrested involved felony drug charges, assaults with a deadly weapon, and burglaries.  One gang member arrested was involved in threats made against law enforcement after a fatal shooting in El Centro last year.

“So all in all the impact of this operation in the Imperial Valley is significant in enhancing public safety” Mack said.

The operation started back on February 23rd and ended March 31st.  It was part of a global Homeland Security Investigation’s initiative. Federal, State and local law enforcement worked together to combat criminal, street, prison and motorcycle gangs in and outside the U.S.

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