Over 40 families displaced from Brawley Mobile Park

BRAWLEY, Calif. – More than 40 families have been evicted and may be losing their homes at the Brawley Mobile Park. Residents say they have been having problems with the management of the facility for quite some time and claim they have been living in hazardous conditions.

Displaced families were first placed at the Brawley Inn back on August 21 and are currently at a Motel 6. The owner of the RV park is paying for the stay, but come Tuesday morning families do not know what they will be doing.

“Right now I’m looking for an apartment but they have a holding list for six months or one year and right now I don’t know what I am going to do, I am probably going to be living in the streets or something like that, or in my car,” said Oscar Ramos Carrillo, a mobile park resident.

Families were told to leave because of faulty wiring that was deemed unsafe by both the county and the Imperial Irrigation District.

“In this case, since there is findings of electrical systems failed, the county will have to work with the owner to address the issues, identify the issues. Then the owner has to provide a plan to the planning department, review those plans to ensure everything will be done correctly,” explains Esperanza Collio, Imperial County Community and Economic Development Manager.

The location of the mobile park falls under the city’s jurisdiction; therefore, it would be up to the city to provide a program to reallocate funds and assist the relocated families, similar to what Imperial County did at the Sleepy Hollow RV park in Winterhaven.

County representatives will be meeting with the families from the mobile park to determine the safety and situation of each home. After that, the next step is adding up the cost for repairs and the owner determining what to do.

“People are without places to live and that is one of the most basic things in life is food and where you going to live. After that everything is frosting on the cake you know. So this is our basic responsibility, is how do we help these people out,” said John Renison, Supervisor for Imperial County, District 1.


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