Palmer shines again

BRAWLEY, Calif.-  It’s been almost three years since a series of earthquakes hit the Imperial Valley.  Businesses throughout the community of Brawley suffered from the aftershocks and some even had to close. The well known Palmer auditorium was one.

The performing arts center closed due to severe damage done after a series of earthquakes hit the area in August, 2012. Plays, dance performances and many other productions were put on hold. For some, the show went on by using classrooms and school patio’s to practice. Board president of Brawley Union High School District, Rusty Garcia says he can see the enthusiasm students have for the re-opening of the auditorium.

“We as a school we’re proud, to say it’s ours because it’s here on campus” said Garcia.

For more than 50 years, the stage has been a platform for not only local talent but out-of-town artists. Performing art groups from San Diego, Los Angeles and Palm Springs have showcased at the Brawley center. District Superintendent Hasmik Danielian says, this center brings everyone together not only to promote the arts but award locals on their achievements.

“We’re very excited because it just brings the whole community here” said Danielian.

The now empty rows will soon be filled and the Palmer stage will once again shine bright, very soon.  The auditorium is scheduled to be back in business April, 2015 with big events already set to take part.

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