Parachute system testing for NASA Orion’s program

YUMA, Ariz.- Yuma Proving Ground made a mark in history today as the NASA Orion program held a test for the parachute system. The Orion programs final journey will be taking a crew of four to Mars. The first of its kind as no one has been to Mars.

This test actually wanted failure and tested what could happen if the one of the main chute did not deploy. During, the testing only two main chutes of the three chutes actually deployed.

The test did confirm to be a successful landing and engineers at NASA are now preparing, for the next test. This test will be held in November and will involve seeing wither the chutes will actually slow down the space shuttle. NASA plans to use a dart shaped vehicle and all three chutes will deploy during the test. This will ultimately test slowing the speed down for the spacecraft.

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