Parents of hit-and-run victim seek justice


EL CENTRO, Calif. – The family of a 2-year-old who was killed in a hit-and-run is asking the public for help.

The El Centro Police Department is investigating the incident, but they still have more questions than answers.

“You took a life, you took someone’s daughter, someone’s granddaughter, someone’s sister. And it has been way over a month and you’re enjoying your life while my baby is gone is so unfair,” said Anzio Allie Esters, the mother of a toddler girl killed.

It was Saturday June 11th, the 2-year-old Ada attended a birthday party with her family in El Centro. Esters explained, it was their first time being out in a long time.“It was family and friends and little kids, it was very beautiful and there was a water slide there and my daughters were there, I have a video of them.”

Esters says an air-up water slide in the backyard kept deflating and when someone came to repair it, the back gate was left open. Many kids ran out the gate to play and soon after tragedy struck.

Esters explained, “I run out because I was like I don’t know what’s happening. And I run out and I see my baby on the pavement right there. And I didn’t hear anything…and I don’t understand how nobody didn’t see anything because it just happened that fast. My kid wasn’t the only one out there.”

The 2-year-old was struck by a car and died later that evening. El Centro detectives have taken the case but say it is a tough one with not much information.

“There was no information from any witnesses or any witnesses that came forward. There are no security cameras no surveillance cameras. There is nothing in the area,” said Detective Mandujano.

The parents of young Ada who would have been turning three in August are now asking for help from the community.

“She wasn’t just struck by the car, she was run over. Didn’t look back, didn’t have a second thought. Or even if they did, I mean they just kept going,” explains Alexander Jones, Ada’s Father.

If you have any information that can help with this investigation you are asked to call the El Centro Police Department.

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