Phoenix ranks top three in the nation for highest ATM fees

Phoenix ranks top three in the nation for highest ATM fees

YUMA, Ariz- If you feel like you’re paying a large fee when you use an out-of-network ATM machine, you’re probably right.
Banks are known for charging fees and ATM’s across Arizona are definitely cashing in the money.

A new report from Bankrate shows that Arizona has some of the highest average ATM fees in the country.

Chase Bank customer, Jessica miller said, “Every time I use an ATM I get charged for soemthing. I think that’s just what they’re made for though. Rip people off and add fees we don’t even notice sometimes.”
It shows the average out of network ATM fees are as high as four dollars and 52-cents which has increased by 21% in the last five years.

Rich Stewart who also banks with Chase said, “Wow, that’s high. I feel like I’m getting robbed.”

The fees fluctuate depending on which city you live in the survey showed Atlanta, New York and Phoenix were amongst the top three cities with the highest fees in the country.

These fees bankers says are pretty easy to avoid. Banks recommend to withdraw cash from an ATM affiliated with your bank and keep an eye on your balance so you don’t overdraft your account.


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