Pioneers and Scripps sign affiliation

El Centro, Calif. – It’s a deal that some are calling a historic event in healthcare services for Imperial County.
Chris Van Gorder, Scripps Health CEO, said the affiliation between his organization and Pioneers Memorial Hospital District (PMHD) will impact healthcare services in a very positive way for the two organizations – primarily for patients.

“We’ve been talking for the last eighteen months, finding ways in which we can really help each other. Obviously we’re a large organization with a lot of expertise that we can share with Pioneers. But Pioneers has done a lot of unique things over the years that we can learn from as well,” said Gorder.

Both healthcare systems will come together to share best practices while retaining their independence, explained Gorder. It’s a partnership, the first partnership they’ve done outside of San Diego county.
PMHD officials said the agreement will help streamline the quality of services.

Catalina Alcantra-Santillan, PMHD Board President, said, “The health practices that we’re going to be using from SCRIPPS, using their experience, their knowledge, so we can produce great quality outcomes. And serve the community by providing services here instead of them having to go over the hill.”

“That contract will allow us to work together to develop services and improve our quality continuously. We’re going to gain a lot of information and expertise on how to continually improve that quality,” said Larry Lewis, PMHD CEO.

Pioneers officials said it may also have some economic benefits.  Offering savings to patients using the hospital.

Lewis explained, “Because of their size, we may be able to find better pricing for our supplies, our services. There’s a different variety of opportunities to explore.”

Scripps has been ranked among the best nation’s hospitals by U.S. News & World Report and Truven Health Analytics.
Brawley council member Donnie Wharton agrees the area will benefit from the partnership.

“Improving all aspects of our access to healthcare, quality of healthcare, and hopefully addressing even the cost issue,” said Wharton.


















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