PMH prepares for the worst during active shooter drill

BRAWLEY, Calif. – Pioneers Memorial Hospital District along with eight emergency agencies prepare for the worst during staged active shooter drill.

An active shooter in San Bernardino this past December left 14 people dead and 22 others seriously injured.

Brawley Pioneers Memorial Hospital Chief Operating Officer Steven Campbell said that’s why he believes it’s important to be prepared.

“It started back with the San Bernardino incident and the realization that this could happen anywhere,” Campbell said.

They staged a mock active shooter drill on Thursday.

“Never want to have happen but the more prepared for it the more lives we hope to save,” Campbell said.

PMH Communications Director Frank Salazar said over 200 people and about eight emergency agencies participated in exercise.

“We need to continue working with them because at the end of the day you never know what can happen,” Salazar said.

Officials said they care about the safety of their 800 employees, making drills like these so important.

“It’s Pioneers duty to provide safety to the staff to the patients and to the visitors here when they walk in through these doors,” Salazar said.

Brawley Police Officer Arnold Valdez said they can respond within two minutes of an actual emergency.

“The first ones on the scene and neutralize the threat,” Valdez said.

But he said emergency planning is everyone’s responsibility.

“You should be able to have a plan on anywhere not just the place of work – movie theaters, churches, – do you have a family plan?,” Valdez said.

Hospital officials are happy with the drill’s outcome.

“Clearest of benefits of it, is the communication improvement between all the agencies,” Campbell said.

It gave them a sense of confidence to face a possible emergency.

“We are now here at Pioneers, our staff is better prepared in case of an incident such as what happened today,” Salazar said.

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