Police report details off-duty DPS trooper pulling gun at local bar


YUMA, Ariz. – We have just received a police report regarding an incident that happened at Jimmie Dees bar in Yuma on February 6th, where an off-duty DPS trooper allegedly pulled out a gun while intoxicated and was disarmed by security. The report says Yuma police officers received a disturbance call just after 2 a.m. on February 6th, 2015 and were dispatched to Jimmie Dees bar. There were already officers right next to the bar when the call came in according to the report.

Responding officers say once they entered the bar they were told by witnesses the man involved was identifying himself as a police officer. The report says officers approached the subject who was identified as Tyon Downing, an off-duty DPS trooper. Officers say they began questioning him about what happened and could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from Downing. Officers in the report say he later told them it was from a “Hypnotic (liqueur) type drink”. Officers report his speech was slurred and his eyes were bloodshot. The officers report he began yelling and saying people were trying to fight him. When they asked him to explain what happened officers say he told them he was sitting near the pool tables at the bar when a young Hispanic woman walked  by him. He says he tapped her on the wrist because he thought he knew her but didn’t. They say he claims he felt bad and wanted to follow the woman to make sure she knew he was sorry. Officers say he told them another Hispanic woman approached him and Downing says he heard the other woman refer to her as a cousin. Downing told officers she began yelling at him then says her boyfriend came over and got in his face. Officers say Downing told them the man began shoving him, then five of the man’s friends surrounded him and one of them said he was going to punch him in the face, according to the report. The report says Downing claims he felt threatened and pulled out his concealed weapon and he says he pointed it at the men allegedly surrounding him.According to the report a bouncer, later identified as David Alexandre, came up behind Downing and grabbed him. Downing says he gave him the gun. The report says at that point the gun was missing and Downing said he knew a bouncer took his gun and would not leave till police arrived.

The report says officers began investigating the scene and were able to receive surveillance video after getting permission from the owner of Jimmie Dees, Ricky Good. Officers report they watched the video alongside Good and say they saw the incident play out similar to what Downing had described but in the video they say Alexandre can be seen with the gun in his right hand held to the right side of his body. They continue to report that he turns and walks into the restrooms with the gun still in his hand then they say seconds later he can be seen walking out of the restrooms no longer with the gun, then continued behind the bar.

Officers say they questioned Alexandre before revealing what they saw in the video, they say they asked him what happened to the gun and say he told them he disarmed Downing and as he turned to walk away lost the gun. Also they report he says he doesn’t know if he dropped the gun or if someone else took it away from him. When asked why he went to the restroom officers report he said that is where people usually take stolen items and was looking for it there.

The report says that Jimmie Dees owner Ricky Good told Alexandre that he saw the video with the handgun at Alexandre’s side and can not defend him. Good allegedly continued to ask where the gun was and Alexandre responded that he didn’t know, according to the report. Police also report that he left the bar once they started to arrive and they needed to call him to return to the bar. The report says officers got permission to search his vehicle and did not find the weapon.

The report says that officers determined to make contact with Alexandre at his home because of the inconsistencies in his statement. Officers report they went to his home on February 6th in the evening, and were greeted by his fiance. They say Alexandre was not there at the time and she did not let them search the home for the weapon, according to the police report.  Officers say they had reason to believe he was in the area of Jimmie Dees and they had his vehicle description, an officer says he spotted the vehicle and made a high risk stop. The officer reports that Alexandre followed all commands and was taken into custody. According to the police report he is being charged with theft, a felony, and False reporting to law enforcement, a misdemeanor, which the officers explain is due to his story not matching up with the video evidence.

On the night of February 7th the report says officers served a search warrant for Alexandre’s home while he was in custody at YPD. Officers report his fiance was present with their children at the time of searching the home. Officers say after searching the home they found over 30 weapons and stacks of cash in the living room in various hidden locations, according to the report. Police say his fiance says it is Alexandre’s tip money from work, officers report the money was worth over $1200.  Officers also report they found a 12 gauge sawed-off shotgun in the master bedroom, which was taken into evidence they say. The report says officers searched Alexandre’s truck and located brass knuckles and a 40 caliber handgun and also a 9 mm handgun.

The report shows that Tyon Downing was facing violations for disorderly conduct, possession of a firearm in a bar, possession of a firearm on alcohol and for endangerment but according to the report the case was declined by the Yuma County Attorney’s Office. One officer reports that he requested it to be forwarded to the city prosecutors office for a review of the charges. The report says that Downing was not taken into custody. We reached out to the Arizona Department of Public Safety who told us that trooper Tyon Downing was placed on administrative leave February 9th, 2015 and has not been allowed to work since early February, they also say they have concurrent investigations both criminal and administrative into Downing’s alleged incident at Jimmie Dees.

The incident has gotten alot of attention on social media. We reached out to David Alexandre back in February for comment he declined to speak to us. We also spoke to an eyewitness that did not want to appear on camera who says he saw Alexandre disarm Downing and did not notice what happened to the gun, he says in his opinion Alexandre potentially saved many lives. We will continue to update you with more details as they become available.

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