Police standoff on Quechan Tribe Reservation

WINTERHAVEN, Calif. – On Saturday morning residents in the area of Ironwood Terrace, on Quechan tribal land, were woken by the sound of sirens. Some were even evacuated from their homes. Several law enforcement agencies surrounded a home in the area at about 6 a.m., according to the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office a suspected shooter was believed to be inside. ICSO says two people were shot and treated at Yuma Regional Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. ICSO says this is the second shooting at the same house within the last two months. Speaking to residents in the area some say it was a dispute between a mother and daughter while others say the incident started at a Yuma bar then dragged on into the reservation. Officials would not tell us the identity of the suspects or the victims involved at this time. Officials did tell us they have a good idea who the suspects are.

Several law enforcement agencies such as ICSO, El Centro Police Department, CHP, Yuma Police Department, Border Patrol, officials with the Quechan reservation and a SWAT team were on scene surrounding a home, they believed the suspects were held up in. After several hours waiting to get a search warrant to enter the home, they got the warrant and then discovered no one was inside. Officials told us they are going to look over the evidence and try and locate those involved. One resident that wanted us to hide their identity told us this incident, “really hurt his feelings because there are kids in the area, a stray bullet it could have been anyone’s kids to get hurt.”

The case is still under investigation we will update you with more details as we receive them.

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