Prop 123 teacher salary raise went into effect

YUMA, Ariz- Thanks to prop 123, returning and incoming teachers are both receiving raises this school year.

Yuma Union High School District’s Superintendent Toni Badone said, “We’re using the Prop 123 funds to give raises to our returning employees.”

Badone says this has been a long time coming and teachers deserve this pay increase. It’s something that’s been earned, not given.

“It’s not a gift, they’ve earned it. So we’re giving a 5% raise to all returning employees including teachers. especially teachers. And also another thousand dollars in a paycheck before Christmas” said Badone.

As approved by the governing board last night, the starting salary for a new teacher will be $31,000. which is a 4 percent increase.

Badone said, “It’s a way to bump up our salaries and hopefully retain our quality teachers and all employees.”

Prop 123 was mainly put in place to fund the raises for teachers and staff.

Badone said, “We know there are states that are cutting funding this year so we’re really hoping market geographically to states and universities to where there are more teachers and hopefully persuade them to come live in Yuma which is a great place to live and make a little more money.”

There are 53 teaching positions available at the district. most the position they’re looking for are in English, Math, Science and Special Education.

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