Protesters against circus’ use of animals

YUMA, Ariz. – More than two dozen people gathered to protest the arrival of a circus in town. The protesters said animal cruelty is a vital part of the training exercises animals undergo in becoming performance ready.

Kyla Smith says she has been coming out to protest against the circus for the last three years. She says she wants her children to learn to stand up for important causes. “It’s a terrible life for the animals and I honestly think the majority of the people who come out for the circus don’t realize that,” said Smith.

The demonstrators said this is “Animal Defenders of Yuma’s” 10th year coming out to protest the arrival of the circus. They usually stand outside the Yuma fairgrounds holding signs that read, “Your Two Hours of Entertainment is their Lifetime of Misery.”  On occasion, an arriving circus attendee will roll down their gate and inquire about the protest. A demonstrator will then hand them a flyer with information about their cause.

“They might not change anything, the circus will go on forever, but in our mind it makes you feel better. you are playing a small part as far as being a voice to those animals,” says Zarmineh Moody.

Another protester, Nisa Sutton, says,” The Shriner’s have the Jordan Circus come to Yuma as a fundraiser and we’re asking the Shriner’s to get another form of entertainment that does not use animals.”

News 11 reached out to El Zaribah Shrine local chapter of Shriner’s International for comment. They declined to speak on the matter.

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