Quechan PowWow

Quechan PowWow

YUMA, ARIZ. – The word, Pow Wow can be defined as a social gathering, according to Briana Ironhall who is this year’s San Pasqual Royalty.

Ironhall said, “All the elders want to have everybody keep the tradition because if they don’t it just dies down.”

An elder of the Quechan tribe, Louise said, “My family taught me what I need to learn about my tribe, so I can teach my grand kids or my children as they grew up.”

Others came out to watch and immerse themselves into the culture. Allison De Decker came to watch with her family.

“When you watch the dancing, and hear the music, it’s pretty cool,” De Decker said.

Richard De Crane came from Montana and danced as a head dancer and honored the prairie bird. Also, being a veteran, he was able to wear honorable pieces.

De Crane said, “In war we kind of coop on the enemy and bring back victory for our people.”

De Crane says it’s important to him to pass a century of his culture down to children.

“When we can speak our language and pass it on to our kids.” De Crane said.

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