Reaction from School Gun Threat

Reaction from School Gun Threat

School seems to be back to normal classes are in session and the students are back.

“He was surprised to hear that this was going on and you know my heart when up to my throat just knowing that,” Diana Gastelum said.

Central Union High School left a message on Diana Gastelum’s voicemail that school was closed on Wednesday.

Her son is a freshman at the school.

She found out it was because of student’s threats to shoot people at the school.

“Just surprised and scared that that could be happening here. You here it coming from the outside cities not here in El Centro,” Gastelum said.

A teacher saw the anonymous threat on social medial on Tuesday night and reported to police. It was taken seriously and police acted quickly.

“We try to get students to be in a situation where they wouldn’t resort to something like that both schools have implemented what we call Link Crew program which is a mentoring program where upper class men mentor lower freshman,” Central Union High School District Superintendent Bryan Thomason said.

“He was surprised to hear that there was a child even thinking that way or even wanting to hurt the school,” Gastelum said.

Thomason says they do have security mesures in place and the incident is a big lesson to both teacher and student.

“This is a teachable moment to inform the students about social media about these different apps. There’s always going to be anonymous apps but they can be tracked and they’re really not anonymous,” Thomason said.

The school district is very grateful that the police department did all that they could to make everyone safe.

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