‘Ready Now Yuma’ impacts Yuma Union High School District

YUMA, Ariz. – With August 4 exactly one week away, the Yuma Union High School District (YUHSD) is gearing up for the start of the new school year, and the district is implementing some changes in the ‘Ready Now Yuma’ initiative this year.

‘Ready Now Yuma’ implements Cambridge Curriculum into all high schools—preparing students to go to college, university, or straight into a career. The district saw its first class with all four years of ‘Ready Now Yuma’ curriculum graduate this May, and the percentage of students moving on to higher education is growing steadily.

“As a district, 65 percent of our students go directly from high school into college or university placement,” says Associate Superintendent, Gina Thompson, “So the fact that many students not only have graduated, but feel that prepared and supported is pretty significant.”

Some of the changes include hiring a new director to head the initiative.

“I want to see every student college-and-career ready, for sure,” says newly hired Andrea Marr, “We want to see every student excited about their own education, setting their own goals, being able to achieve them, and just being a part of that process to watch them grow.”

Marr also expressed that her goal as director of ‘Ready Now Yuma’ is to see that 65 percent of students who go on to attend college and university grow even further to 100 percent of students furthering their education. In addition to the growing number of students furthering their education, the number of students physically present in the classroom is increasing as well.

“More students are in class rather than being suspended and out of class, so more students are getting that curriculum on a regular basis,” shared Thompson, “Our teachers are doing an incredible job of keeping our students engaged so that they’re not so interested in being out of class.”

‘Ready Now Yuma’ also has an app that high school students can download on any smartphone. The app provides students with resources advising which classes they should take to get college-ready, how to sign up for the SAT, set deadline alerts, and much more.

The ultimate goal of ‘Ready Now Yuma’ is not so much about choosing the student’s pathway, but it’s making sure that students are in charge of any pathway that they want to go on—allowing students to make a choice, any choice, about their education.

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