Remembering “Vesta”

Remembering “Vesta”

Animals lovers and advocates got together to remember a dog that Yuma police say was neglected. A vigil was held Thursday at Bark park for a dog who they have named Vesta. April is prevention of cruelty to animals month and the message they wanted to bring is to be the voice for those who don’t have a voice.

Vesta was a red pit bull who was very malnourished. When Vesta was found, she was took into the humane society, but it was too late. She suffered for far too long so she had to be put down.

Members of the Facebook group Yuma proud pet owners got together to remember to care for those who need us and love us and that’s our pets. There are a lot of neglected animals and stray animals that need homes.  “Yuma proud pet owners” came together as a community to remember a dog who lost its life due to neglect.

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