Remembering Wellton shooting five years later

WELLTON, Ariz.-Five years ago Thursday, a shooting spree in Arizona followed 73-year-old gunman Cary Dyess’ bitter divorce and claimed the lives of five people, including his own.
Wellton Police Chief Donald Jones said, “The local law enforcement I’m sure was on edge, limited resources, I’m sure they were working together with other area law enforcement.”
It was June 2, 2011, just after 5 a.m. when a Wellton woman called police frantically. She had been shot multiple times by Dyess.
According to investigators, Dyess targeted those who were close to his ex wife Theresa Sigurdson during their 2007 divorce.
The wounded woman was Sigurdson’s best friend Linda Kay Clatone. She was flown to Phoenix, where she remained hospitalized in critical condition.
Sigurdson’s friend, Linda Kay Clatone, “I know he planned it he had guns in his car and a list.”
Clatone is the soul survivor of th shooting spree.
Authorities say Dyess then fatally shot four people around town before driving to Yuma and killing prominent attorney Jerrold Shelley at about 9:20 a.m.
The lawyer was packing up his office getting ready to retire on the day he was killed.
The other four victims were identified as Dyess’ ex-wife Theresa Lorraine Sigurdson, Henry Scott Finney, Cindy Finney and James P. Simpson.
Police believe Dyess drove back toward Wellton, pulled over and fatally shot himself. His body was found at 10:47 a.m. inside his car.
Yuma Police Department responded to the call at the law office.
Sgt. Lori Franklin said, “We found an unconscious man on the floor bleeding. We then learned it was Jerrold Shelly.
We started to understand the full effect of what had happened out in Wellton to Yuma and out to Blaisdell.”

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