Repairs close Lack Bridge till further notice

WESTMORELAND, Calif. – A temporary road closure in Westmorland will re-route drivers during a bridge construction project.

Our news team spoke to the Department of Public Works to see how long it will last and what this means for drivers in the area. The detour will take place on Lack Road, beginning from Walker Road to Gentry Road.

“The reason we closed the lack road bridge is because of some deteriorated piles which is the support structures for the bridge itself. The flows have decreased in the river and exposed the lower portions of the piles that we couldn’t see before,” said William Brunet, director of public works.

There is no official date to when the repairs will be done.

“It’s going to be closed for several months because we have to take a look at it, we don’t know if we can repair it or if we have to build a new bridge,” says Burnet.

People who drive on the road daily should not have a problem navigating around the closure.

Burnet explained, the route and reason why it’s important to do so now.

“Turn right, turn left, turn left, turn right. It’s pretty straight forward and plus there will be detour signs up that will show traffic what direction to go,” said Burnet. “It’s a safety issue, and I’d much rather have the motoring public drive a few miles and arrive safely than to save a few minutes then have something catastrophically happen to them.”

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